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A few things while I wait around, not playing games. I’m also waiting to hear about this year’s gaming getaway from the Scottish group, hopefully they’ll have an update soon. Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 2: I saw… Read More

Echo Wood, TL;DR and more Mass Effect thoughts.

Having left the Emerald Spire, the party returned to Thornkeep where they: Successfully reunited the wayward Adelind Fraston with her parents, who were very grateful. Talked Adelind into staying with her parents, basically, with Dr Cyrus’ talk therapy…. Read More

Thornkeep’s Supply of Magic Items

Okay, here are all the magic things currently up for sale in Thornkeep. There’s a weird absence of middle-ground stuff, only cheap stuff and blow your socks off stuff. Spellcasting is available to 4th level Spells. Scrolls available… Read More

Echo Wood TL;DR Update

Okay, it has been a while since I updated progress on the Emerald Spire dungeon delving. I’ll update things as I remember them. We’ve made slow progress (because everyone keeps showing up) and I also don’t really have… Read More

Echo Wood: TL;DR, Off to the Emerald Spire

Some good roleplaying and some good set-up for what’s to come, with a little dungeon bashing at the end.    One thing I handed out were quest cards. These came with the Emerald Spire deck, which also came… Read More

Echo Wood: Accursed Halls Completed… sort of.. TL;DR edition

Okay, this TL;DR is working well for how much time I have… Cyrus organized help for the Frastons to get the apple harvest in. It took a lot of convincing, these are not community minded people. Cyrus, Bam… Read More

Echo Wood: The Accursed Halls, TL;DR Summary

Okay, not enough time to go into everything that went on the past two weeks, but I’ve got to write something otherwise what will everyone check when we are waiting for the food to arrive? The party has… Read More

Echo Wood: The Dungeon level with slightly fewer goblins in it.

Full boat this week, although it seemed like it took us a while to get going. We were also slowed down by players having to wait for the sneakier members to act first. This comes up every once… Read More

Echo Wood: The Accursed Halls

I think we figured out that the party had spent all of 36 seconds inside the Halls Under The Hill before they had incurred their first casualty. Which would be the first signal that these dungeons are… they’re… Read More

Echo Wood: The Halls Under The Hill

The Thornkeep supplement and the Emerald Spire Superdungeon were both released with the Goblinworks name attached to them. They’re kosher Paizo products, written by Paizo staffers and guests, but the two projects are attached to the MMORPGing wing… Read More