Playing the field.

I’ve been enjoying running Numenera, as long as I don’t have to go off book too often. Sometimes I’m really feeling the improv nature that the rules permit and encourage, and sometimes I’m super not in the mood…. Read More

Kickstarting fever

It was looking at all the Dusk City Outlaws stuff that got me occasionally looking at Kickstarter (still looking forward to playing that when it comes out) and then I stumbled across Rising Sun and plunked down the… Read More

Dusk City Outlaws: Uncharted Territory

Preamble: Go ahead and skip down to DCO Structure if you don’t want to read a bunch of my thoughts on two different types of RPGs and why I think they developed. TL;DR: Dusk City Outlaws is a type… Read More

Dusk City Outlaws are my favourite Helsinki-based Ultras Group

This is a post about my enthusiasms, because it isn’t even a post about one of my games; it’s a post about one of JIM’s games. Or what will be his game. But it is a First Impressions… Read More