I don’t think of them as victims, now that I am one.

Finally got all the investigators for Mansions of Madness painted. Good project to get done, expecially before moving on to the monsters, which are in smaller batches and are more interesting to paint. Painting women’s shoes is a… Read More

Mansions of Madness 2nd Edition: Single play review.

We played through Mansions of Madness 2 on Thursday and I’m going to lay down my first impressions. This isn’t a proper review because I think I’d need to play through it a bunch more times to figure… Read More

Mansions Of Madness: Playthroughs and review.

Spoilers: Only sort of… last week we played through the first Mansions of Madness scenario, The Fall of House Lynch. There are 12 possible permutations of this scenario: three choices of Objectives, with two choices of where Edith… Read More

Cthulhu comes home

Well it has taken ~20 years but finally those good chaps at Chaosium have got round to updating Gaslight. I am trembling with excitement, possibly even dribbling. Ah no I slightly soiled myself. Too much opium… Button on a… Read More