Risk Legacy 4 Games in…

Risk Legacy. We are now 4 games in and I LOVE it!! Everyone wants to notch a win and get their name on the board.
Last night a son of Belgium’s normally genteel chocolate technicians swept aside all who stood in this way, permanently putting his distinctive stamp on South America and cementing the Saharan Republic as the (currently) most successful faction!
The board is nicely taking shape:
Continents – “Fudgetastica” (North America), “Spread it Wide” (South America), and “Your Hope (Ferguson)” (Europe)
Major City – “Sunny Glasgow” (Great Britain)
Minor Cities – “Flangeville” (Ontario), “Musky Harasser” (Western US), “Ikea” (Scandinavia), “Hoggland” (North Africa), “Cowmoss” (Russia), “Novo Minnesota” (Siberia), “Delhicatessen” (India), “Wallacea” (New Guinea) and “Yuesathisway” (Kamchatka)
Positive Scars: Greenland, Western Europe and Middle East
Negative Scars: Iceland, Great Britain and Brazil
Last night we opened the “9 minor cities founded envelope” and would have opened the “first faction eliminated” one if I had not escaped with just the hair on my sack on 3 (possibly 4) separate occasions…! Playing with 4 players was very different to 3 and the game lasted a long time, coming down at the end after a huge invading army swept in (and then was whittled to a single invader) to a head to head dice roll that needed a six and he got it!
I will post a photo and an update from the next few games when they happen. Till then thank you to our USA based brethren for this fantastic game “tip” and to Desfaber for entrusting custody of his copy to Scotland’s shores till game 10!

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  1. I’d be interesting in seeing a head to head comparison of Rolland and your board as the game progresses.

    Such a great idea…