Random Gibberish, literally

So I wanted to write a party combat simulator for Tunnels and Trolls in perl.  Then I thought, I’d like to play this on my phone so I started learning objective-c.  Then I started writing a roguelike text adventure from scratch (like angband, for example).  It’s all just a shell and I might not ever finish it, but that’s part of the fun. The other part of the fun is that I haven’t even finished the simple parts of this party combat simulator because I’m having fun doing other random shit totally unrelated to combat.

One of the things that I wanted to incorporate into this game was random names.  That expanded to language, as in if your character doesn’t speak one, they see gibberish on the screen that sounds like I think a language should sound.  Just like the greeks thought that anyone not speaking greek sound all “bar bar” and we get barbarian out of it.  And if I was playing an ork, I wanted the human language to have the same feel.  And that’s how you get gibberish like Tabritaney, which I’m sure after this post will climb to the top 5 girl baby names within the next 10 years.

I’ve got stupid names, low rat names, dwarf, cthulhu names, magic language, guy names, girl names, guy/girl gibberish, insect, ork, elf, stupid, and hyperborean.  I think it’s kind of cool how you can generate something so typical with only about 20-25 syllables from representative words (about double that for boys and girls, and quadruple for human gibberish).  And honestly, some of these random names are pretty awesome.  Look out, Old Ancient One *GURGLE*shub is on to you.  He or she is no ordinary dwarf, he or she is Dazdazang Clangedcleng Mormineclang.  That’s also the sound he or she makes when he or she is sneaking.

So far, I think ork is my favorite, but dwarf is not far behind.  If you feel like reading about 650 random names and guessing what matches up to what, this is your lucky day.

finn:tntrl mike$ ./lang

urdanils urd bri bridon inbertjef u jerberter sigjoshmi ney ijonjer uauanor an reygrifed edibran jef uy yhart anandon curtdan neyse er jorbrandon sigic nor inic dan joshes neyjerrod bry jorjeremy rob esneyke andyic jonan jor robjoshrey aes nor rey ersig dy u kerodes an bran ees y harto jor annils

usaag lielyni inraey esa guery tara kyky seyisoni britaney tanesry myrtle ey an raybrit britrodlie tabritney rodag talie tamyri rod ciaan lyerta cia lynney lindi kim rygueta ber lind myrmaison in in tle najen gueey natain kiman ly guerod lyncia kimkim namino ey brit kytle aalind ranes lienesi casiag mino

bry kim ison rajerney bran gar madesjam doneyren brirod jor hartber isbryey ison ince rodanis iean guesigmor erta cased ky grif rodmor kath seysa aneurd ertlesig jenra taic gue ed ocia ibry jefmorren brya ney eyfredtle eske tleta an erbry ancas rodanu ra rened in sajondon garannes inra jer isinjosh

foo grog bokglog foothoklag baz lagloak bu grok tho tarokthok buda loakda tholoak groglar foobok tho thartar buglagthok okthar ok thargrog dathok bu glogloaktho gloggroglag bugtho bugdathar loakbokda thobug bugrokbok gloggloggrok thobarloak bugbug grog barbubok bufoo larfoogrog foothartho tarloak bokthar barloakok barfoo tharbugloak bug fooglog larthok tharlar bokbugok bugbuda tarfoo

del dilel berthonar areth finel yendan thon gilwenfin rondyen rondyenyen berberber ethethviel dartinu gilviel darel dilgil arar thonrondthon rond berber rondgilien yenel vieldarthon gildardan gildar tinuvielfin thonyenwen glorargil gilglor berthon wenelviel el yendilglor delglorber wen tinudel rondluthnor rondgilnor norber wen glortinu darieneth yenwen berelnor tinugil tinuluthgil cirluth rondronddan rond glor

in didi mineclang clanggedcleng mine thorkha iamorged morminecleng thunin cl digclcleng morminerond imor thunkha cl iclang dazdazang thoradinrond bang clmoclang minekharond cl ia bangrondin adinengdig mor mine clengcli dibor minemine bangbang daz di iakhacl cldazmine bangdazrond moriagrim modiadin angclangdaz thunmor didaz clangdi clangthor cl dazdiadin bangthor inborkha ang indig gedadinadin

shubniggxd agnordnigg agnqr nigg ulhuothshogg ord fthshogg fthrlcth yehcthrl cth shoggxd nigg djagnoth fn cthulhuqj ordoth agnyehoth niggxd cth agnnigg cthulhu oth qj rlulhuoth fndj *gurgle*fthulhu *gurgle*niggxd qj yehord agncthagn othuratoth shubagn qjrl shogg*gurgle* *gurgle* fthqj othfn shoggyehdj rlagnrl urat fth*gurgle* rl niggfth fthnigg fnshubdj *gurgle*rl agn yeh othshubdj *gurgle*shub

cromper perhy opocoium hylistis agneria hylannan cimm ium iumean bornancrom lisoncrom cimmtis nan iumtisium agnean ean co eriatis lan laniumtis percromlis nan tiscimm co perper ean cimmnan lanonium tiscolan cromateria agnat tis crom at lanhycrom listrolan nanlistro eria tis agn agncimm iumium lis lancrom listiscrom bor eaopo cocrom lan iumbor

breeeeepsqueeee fipsqueeee deep pippip putfipsqueeee putreep fip dip deep deep breeeeep squeeeefut peepmeep squeeeemeep peepdip reeppeep pipfut futfip cheepbip pippeep meep reep dip futreep squeeee putfut fut reepsqueeeefip put put meepcheep dip bipreep deepdip futmeepreep fipmeep breeeeepfut bipreepsqueeee fipsqueeee fut futfip reep peepfip futpeeppeep breeeeeppeep pipfippip putbip bipreep futbreeeeepdeep bipdeepdip

fup huh*drool* *pregnant pause*saywha durrfup wha wha huh*blink*eat yumummyum saywha derpummeat derpderp saywha*drool* dub*stare* *stare*saywhasaywha ohmmohmm duh fupsaywhaumm umm huhumm ohmm dupfupduh durr *drool* duheatyum ohmmsaywhaduh wha*drool* duh*drool*ohmm fupfupohmm derpohmm derp huh*blink*buh ohmm*drool* durr*blink*wha duh dup*blink*dub *pregnant pause*duphuh *stare* whaderp ohmmeat*pregnant pause* wha*pregnant pause* eatwhayum *stare*yumdup *drool* ummdurrohmm duhdubwha durrbuh buh*stare* ummsaywhahuh buhdurr dub

k’kbz*pop* bz’ztbz z’kbr’rt br’rtz’k z’kk’k bzk’k z’kch’ch *click*z’k z’k bzk’k *click* bz’ztch’ch*click* bzk’kbr’rt z’kbz *click**pop**pop* bz bzz’k *pop*bzbz’zt ch’chbz*pop* ch’chch’ch ch’chz’kbz’zt k’kbz *pop* bz *click*k’k k’k*pop*br’rt bz’zt k’kbzk’k br’rtk’k *click* bz’ztk’k k’kk’kbr’rt bzbr’rtk’k k’k ch’chbz’zt *pop* *click*ch’ch z’k z’k*pop* *click* br’rtbz bz’ztz’kk’k k’kbr’rtbz’zt *pop*br’rtz’k *pop* br’rtbz ch’chch’chz’k z’kz’kbr’rt bz’ztch’ch*pop* *click*

dodab to caganen klaa linraus ri klaa dato poabten usfizri to gzzsesda chan usfiz opnutra ter chanchan uswich terrasha klaaban sterpresses ca sha do caabba tu chanop la zamgan gandalfen dab nintodalf la ata atabut presses amelinsha lin nin lin butchaname po peaename wich toterda shatupres klaa ster wichterdo fiz

One Comment on “Random Gibberish, literally

  1. These are great!

    I’d also advocate for durka-durka, horka-borka and ping-pong-ting-tong as human variant languages.