Combat Maneuvers Made Easy (well, easier)

In a fit of boredom and not-wanting-to-do-day-job-work yesterday I made an Excel spreadsheet that tells you what both parties involved in a combat maneuver should roll. Hopefully, it will help to make them a more viable option in… Read More

Lo, now riseth the Wokify app!

Dusk is upon us and as promised, the unveiling of the Wokify app! Tremble at its awesome power! You are a mere click away from resolving the nigh weekly ordeal of determining what to order from Fresh Wok! Click the… Read More

Coming Soon- the Wokify app!

Dear Dodecaneers, Dodecaheathens Laboratories is proud to announce that after years of R&D the Wokify app will finally be released! Visit the site this Thursday, April 16th, in the year of our Lord 2015, at dusk to witness… Read More

New Boardgames and Hybrid Board Games.

Last Friday Carol reported a bonanza of legit board games that came through Goodwill and after calling me up and letting me know what was there, I directed her to buy as much of it as I thought… Read More