Deadlands Homebrew Playtest Reflection

I thoroughly enjoyed playing Deadlands again and I’m looking forward to continuing the adventures of Mars, Callie, Bartimus and Lewis out on the frontier. There are enough loose ends and dangling plot hooks  that it should be easy… Read More

Cypher System Deadlands Homebrew Progress 4

Ugh, slow progress. Between work being nightmarish and Red Dead Redemption 2 being dreamy, I’ve had little energy to devote to getting Foci done, so it has taken a while. But it’s done! There wasn’t too much real… Read More

Cypher System Deadlands Homebrew Progress 3

Okay! Making Decent progress. Types and Flavours are done, and they’re the most setting-reliant and take the most work. Foci and Descriptors should be easier and faster to incorporate, with probably no changes for the vast majority of… Read More

Cypher System Deadlands: Homebrew progress 2

So after hammering out Fightin’ Sort, Spinner and Drifter as Character Types, I came up with a simple equipment list, thought about bullets, and fleshed out the Stealth Flavour and the Weird Science Flavour.

Numenera 7: Complications

I did a bad job last session of handing out GM Intrusions. I ended up only dishing out one optional Intrusion and spinning out one natural-1 Intrusion, Meef’s Creeper. I’m trying to figure out which comes first, the… Read More

Numenera 0: Getting started, Six Degrees of Sharad Talaar, The New Crew.

Character creation is something I’ve always liked; it’s really interesting to hear what people want to play. Playing with pregens is its own kind of fun too – there is something neat about playing completely against type or… Read More

Numenera XP and character development

I’ve been trying to wrap my head around Numenera’s system, (before they release Numenera 2, next summer), just because in many ways it is substantively different to anything I’ve played before. There’s probably going to be a few… Read More

Dusk City Outlaws: Uncharted Territory

Preamble: Go ahead and skip down to DCO Structure if you don’t want to read a bunch of my thoughts on two different types of RPGs and why I think they developed. TL;DR: Dusk City Outlaws is a type… Read More

Echo Wood: The Dungeon level with slightly fewer goblins in it.

Full boat this week, although it seemed like it took us a while to get going. We were also slowed down by players having to wait for the sneakier members to act first. This comes up every once… Read More

Why I’m right and Mike is wrong.

No update this week because they are still in the middle of a fight. Speaking of which… We got into an argument about whether Uun could draw a Longspear from an Efficient Quiver while climbing. The Efficient Quiver… Read More