Playing the field.

I’ve been enjoying running Numenera, as long as I don’t have to go off book too often. Sometimes I’m really feeling the improv nature that the rules permit and encourage, and sometimes I’m super not in the mood…. Read More

Rising Sun toe-dipping

We’re two games in on Rising Sun, and I’m still happily baffled at how to win at that game. Our first game (me, JIM, Ben and Rolland) was a learning experience and Ben ended up romping home to… Read More

Reviews and Previews: Jamaica/Photosynthesis/Adventure.exe/Cpt. Sonar/Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate/Rising Sun

Okay, with Jonathan and Steven’s visit we went full-bore games shopping for some likely additions to our respective catalogues. Some I can review (along with a podcast), some I can preview, but keep in mind that I tend… Read More

Things you might like

A few things while I wait around, not playing games. I’m also waiting to hear about this year’s gaming getaway from the Scottish group, hopefully they’ll have an update soon. Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 2: I saw… Read More

Trajan Mini Review and finished Ice Drakes

I received a message from JC regarding Trajan, a boardgame Steven had picked up last November and they were just getting around to playing. “It is a really interesting Euro token game, so everyone is kept involved to… Read More

Mansions of Madness 2nd Edition: Single play review.

We played through Mansions of Madness 2 on Thursday and I’m going to lay down my first impressions. This isn’t a proper review because I think I’d need to play through it a bunch more times to figure… Read More

Mansions Of Madness: Playthroughs and review.

Spoilers: Only sort of… last week we played through the first Mansions of Madness scenario, The Fall of House Lynch. There are 12 possible permutations of this scenario: three choices of Objectives, with two choices of where Edith… Read More

New Boardgames and Hybrid Board Games.

Last Friday Carol reported a bonanza of legit board games that came through Goodwill and after calling me up and letting me know what was there, I directed her to buy as much of it as I thought… Read More

Lords of Waterdeep, Friendless Shut-in Edition.

I picked up the iphone game Lords of Waterdeep last week, in part to see me through trips down to Northfield.   It is one of those games like Ticket to Ride and Elder Sign that seem like… Read More

Risk Legacy (Sco.) update from Arabtim

Back in May of this year on a lovely hot sunny day, Desfaber, StA and myself took a trip to The Source (MSP, USA) and bought a whole bundle of goodies! We loved the Source. Us Scotsmen thrive on… Read More