Castaway Diary, missing page.

I’m a firm-ish believer that death should be an omnipresent possibility in roleplaying games when you are facing dangerous enemies and dishing it out plenty yourself. But ideally – and I mean ideally only from a GM point… Read More

Castaway Diary, day 28

The water rushing out of the inlet at an amazing rate left the bed of the inlet exposed, with all sorts of surprised sea creatures left flopping around or slinking back into the still-deep rock pools and channels… Read More

Lords of Waterdeep, Friendless Shut-in Edition.

I picked up the iphone game Lords of Waterdeep last week, in part to see me through trips down to Northfield.   It is one of those games like Ticket to Ride and Elder Sign that seem like… Read More

Castaway Diary, days 25, 26, 27, 28.

House rule: Grappling, while being a huge pain in the backside, is lacking a few rules; specifically how to attack a person who is in a grapple/has the grappled condition when you’re just standing there ungrappled, with a… Read More