I think the next thing I’ll paint (finish painting) is a techpriest who is also wearing red. I’m a lot happier with that red than the red on this Warrior-priestess of Sigmar. It was such a cool red than trying to lighten it was going to send it pinkish. I am pretty happy with the blonde hair, blonde hair is kind of a bitch to paint. So I’m looking forward to painting an army of germans…


I wrapped AngryMacLeopardhat too. I think it is a testament to the posing of this miniatures that it doesn’t photograph well. I like the design of this miniatues a lot. The teeth, worn armour and leopardskin effects definitely fits in the “paint smart, not hard” box of tricks. If you can find the right place to use them they really make a mini look good. The arm tattoo is more in the “hard” box but after spending ages getting the half-orc skin tone right, I was pleased to not fuck anything up there.