Don’t Fear the Changes

I know. Change is scary. When someone asks us “what do you think about this change I want to make,” that someone is lucky if all they get is a detached, icy stare in return. They’re lucky we don’t punch them in the throat and then toss ourselves in front of a speeding bus to spare ourselves the unspeakable horror.

We fear change.

Of course, you may have noticed some changes on the Dodecaheathens site. No, nothing as dramatic as the site redesign I’ve promised, but changes in preparation. I understand if you are mad. I’d be mad, too, if some asshole just waltzed into my website and started making changes like he owned the goddamn place. But hey, let’s try to stay frosty. These changes aren’t meant to upset you. Quite the opposite. They are meant to EMPOWER you. Yes, you the visitor, the contributor, the lover of games and gratuitous dick jokes. These changes are meant to optimize your experience, to help RADICALIZE it, and make you feel like the unstoppable killing machine that I know you are.

So don’t fear the changes. They are only meant to help. And please share your feedback. Things may break, and things may even get a little weird. But in the end, these changes are for the GREATER GOOD, so suck it up. Hold your head high. Don’t fear the reaper. Shop smart. Shop S-Mart.

Why an Army of Darkness reference? Did you really just ask that? Get out. GET OUT!

One Comment on “Don’t Fear the Changes

  1. Posting went as normal…

    I don’t see any changes other than the log in way down there on the left.

    Should we be testing anything?