Conference Call Accomplishments

I don’t know if I told anybody about this, but I’m working from home a little bit while we get used to the kid, and instead of my former home office in the front room of the house, I’ve consigned myself to my basement nerd cave so that wife and baby don’t distract me while I’m on the phone.

“But what are you using to distract you while you’re on the phone, Jim?”

harryhausen skeletons

Four guys Orny can’t debuff, crowd control, or really damage.

I have a couple of calls every week that are just me quietly acknowledging things or occasionally giving some insight into a particular problem for about an hour, so I used the last one to paint these skeletons. Super quick 3-color and a wash, but I thought giving some quick paint jobs to these Bones minis might add to our Thursday night games, even if my character really doesn’t.

3 Comments on “Conference Call Accomplishments

  1. Like.

    If it isn’t an undead fight, Orny gets to do stuff and if it is an undead fight, you get to place the undead miniatures.

    I like how goofy the skulls are too. Less like dentist models and more like long buried skulls.

  2. Yeah, they’re fun.

    UPDATE: Because Clara’s mother and aunt came to deliver dinner and hang out tonight, I remained in the basement and played a bunch of FIFA. I also painted two zombies, two spiders, and started dicking around with some goblins.