Numenera 12 and 13: The Plains of Kataru

Okay I’m really going to have to rattle this off if I’m to get up to date by the time we play on Sunday, so this is going to be pretty truncated (Edit: it didn’t feel truncated). The… Read More

Numenera 10 and 11: When you go down to the woods today…

Just getting caught up now – if I get last week’s session (fairly short, influenced as it was by the celebratory mood following the Vikings game) and tomorrow’s session ( an ultra-rare Saturday session) I’ll be happy and… Read More

Numenera 9 and 10: The Creeper

This is where things get a bit more vague. I may not have the order of events down correctly, but here’s the fundamentals of what went down. Sharad, an Intelligent Nano who Leads a cult of one. Meef,… Read More