I don’t think of them as victims, now that I am one.

Finally got all the investigators for Mansions of Madness painted. Good project to get done, expecially before moving on to the monsters, which are in smaller batches and are more interesting to paint. Painting women’s shoes is a… Read More

Not your grandfather’s Red Gore.

Of all the things I’ve missed since our kid was born two years ago, I was surprised by how much I missed painting. I wasn’t particularly on a tear when Fi was born anyway, having ground to a… Read More

My things, let me show them to you.

A couple of things that I think are great and don’t have to be cluttering up any place other than this one:  

Miniature Bonus

Get it? It’s a small bonus. For miniatures.   Your mileage with this project may vary – it is entirely optional. It isn’t going to radically give someone a leg up over anyone else, but it does reward… Read More

Painting, remember painting?

I haven’t managed to paint anything for ages, maybe because it is easier to leave the game stuff out on Thursday, over to Friday and Saturday. Now that we’ve switched to Tuesday, I really have to put that… Read More


It took about a week of picking them up and putting them back down again, but I finally finished up my Protectorate Zealots. These guys are one of my favorite units in the faction by fluff and by… Read More