Gardeners of the White Rose 8

Hellcallers Cup and Ghaelfin
When last we left our adventurers they were poised to fight the creations of Rance Lucca’s best summoner in what is known sa the Hellcallers Cup.  Victory means access to the remains of Venture Captain Aiger Ghaelfin defeat meant death.  Victory was what they got, quite easily actually, which enraged the summoner, Mantrithor Thrax, who teleported into the arena to attack the Gardeners.  Monster on Monster combat and Monster on Human combat is illegal but ignored in Cheliax.  Human on Human blood sport is very illegal.  Rance Lucca’s men rushed into the arena to subdue Thrax before things escalated and his arena got shut down. 
Apologizing, Rance Lucca did not just give the party access to Ghaelfin’s remains/bust but just flat out gave it to them.  Using the grave candle the party contacted Ghaelfin’s sprit.  He was sullen and depressed and spent much time lamenting the death of Aroden and the loss of his love Coriana.  He was not able to provide much information about Delvehaven.  What he was able to point out was that Sivanshin had fled the city weeks before the death of Aroden.  He also believes that Bisby and Loremaster Liriam fled the city for Absalom, the jewel city of the Inner Sea.
Massacre House and Coriana
Ghaelfin wasn’t much help with his information but he did them a big favor in another way.  The group was able to trade Ghaelfin’s remains for access Coriana’s.  This was nice for two reasons.  One, they didn’t have to perform a hit on their friend Yakapulio.  Two, they didn’t have to kill a bunch of well-trained assassin monks.
Coriana was a little more helpful that Ghaelfin.  She was able to tell the part of a cache of weapons that she had hidden in an extra dimensional space just outside of Westcrown in Cutlass Cove, a haven for smugglers.  She was also able to point out that Liriam has made a cipher in the form of a poem called Cugney’s Wedding.  It just so happened that the party had this poem and she explained the translation to them. 
She was also able to point out the cause of the falling out between Bisby and Sivanshin.  They had argued over an ancient relic that they had brought back from the Mwangi Expanse.  She had only seen the devise once but it had a black bats head on one side and a golden birds head on another.  Sivanshin had fled the city with the bats head portion of the idol and in the weeks before the fall of Aroden Bisby had become increasingly paranoid about protecting the other half.
Wave Door
Bulgav, Gregory and their friend Fiosa set off to Cutlass Cove to find the Wave Door which held the cache of weapons mentioned by Bisby.  Gaius was preoccupied with his other work, something about a temple shutdown and the price of holy oils.  After finding the Wave Door and opening it they were set about on all side by shadows.  They were able to defeat the shadows but not without the loss of Gregory who died at the hands of the mysterious wraith* like forms.  Luckily for Gregory, Ariel, the leader of the Gardeners of the White Rose, knew a hedge witch doctor who was able to reincarnate him into another body…another human body (boring!) which happened to look exactly like his last body or at least the miniature is the same.
But what did they find in the Wave Door?  Loot, loot and a useful note which read:
To Whomever Finds This,
It is, of course, my fervent hope that the reader of this missive is a friend of the Pathfinders.  In the days before the madness and riots, before Cheliax tore itself apart, there were signs that the end was coming.  Among those was Delvehaven’s desertion  by one of her own.  I now believe that Ilnerik Sivanshin stole half of the Aohl-the Totemrix-and judging by the growing power and magical potential of the Morrowfall, I fear that Ilnerik has unwittingly exposed himself to magic fell and vile.  The power building in the Morrowfall is frightening, and we’ve secured it deep below Delvehaven in a vault called the Amber Arca.  If my theory is correct and the Totemrix is a yriavaxian relic, then Ilnerik is being exposed to shadowy magic of a great evil.  If he hasn’t become a vampire y this time, I fear he soon will.  Ive managed to secure a few tools here should that be the case, and hope to come back later to stash some more in the event of his return, but things grow increasingly dangerous in Westcorwn, and I fear that none of us shall live to see the end of the year.
Next time…Delvehaven
*No actual wraiths were harmed, or even encountered, in the role playing of this battle. 

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  1. Reincarnation just isn’t the same unless it goes wacky…

  2. I was trying my best to be impartial but was definitely disappointed when human was rolled.