Castaway Diary, Day 42.

After all the many things we got done last week, this week seemed like slow progress. Part of that is that when down the mine we’re in combat order because things are happening in particular orders.  The other… Read More

Castaway Diary, Day 37 & 38.

 Jeez, we got a lot done last Thursday. I’ve been slow about updating only because I keep forgetting my notes and I have to get everyone’s spirit animal and questions to Victor right. Can’t just wing those. But… Read More

Castaway Diary, Days 36 & 37

There are three training wheels that I put on Pathfinder when we started, two were house rules, one was to decline an optional rule: First, character stats are better than average or at least have a better chance… Read More

Castaway Diary, Day 36 cont.

Shit, I forgot to update this on Tuesday…   Here is what happened:

What Orny Was Thinking

So… sorry it got shitty, gang. I tend to think of my characters as excuses to paint miniatures, but I guess I bummed Mike and others out tonight giving him a new excuse. I just want to write… Read More